I’m Going to BlogHer 2011

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My daughter and I going to BlogoHer 2011 for the very first time to learn the fine art of blogging.


This all feels very, very sudden.

I think it was back before I went to Paris that I was whining, yet again, about my omnipresent job woes to the other Fun Girls, and they said, because we’re supposed to be Fun and Self-Actualized GIRLS, not whiny little weenies who cry all the time, “Hey, you have a blog, we have a blog together, why don’t you blog more and see what happens with that?”

And so I ignored them.

Because my first response to problems is almost always this:

"Help! I'm-Stuck-in-this-Box!"

But my dissatisfaction increased and my whining continued, so finally Anne started throwing around the big words whenever we talked on the phone.

She talked while I listened, dazed and confused.


The next thing I know Anne and Susan talked me into going to Bloggy Boot Camp in Hotlanta.  (We’re still crossing our fingers that Robin will be able to come.)


And then the next thing you know, I’m blogging every day.


And then the next thing I knew, my husband said, “Oh, go to BlogHer.”

So, long story short, thanks to my friends now I’m going to TWO blogging conventions in the span of a couple of months and blogging and drawing my head off. But I hardly think about my work problems anymore.

Blogging is cheaper than therapy.

And cheaper than unemployment, too.

YAY! Friends!  YAY! Blogging.

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  • http://profiles.google.com/missuswookieswanderings Missus Wookie

    Fun drawings, fun friends and definitely fun husband!

    • http://www.chloeofthemountain.blogspot.com/ Chloe

      He’s tolerant, that’s for sure.

  • Anonymous

    2 words – MEET UP!!! :)

    • Chloe

      I presume you mean in San Diego?  That could happen. Let me talk to my daughter about arranging a time and a place.

  • Nibordiz

    I’m so happy for you.   I hope I can get to one of these conferences someday.   Not holding my breath.   :)

    • Chloe

      But don’t you look lovely in green, my dear?  BTW, I LOVE your +K picture.  As Lady Gaga says, “Love, love, love”

  • Chloe

    I’m also assuming that the people at BlogHer are going to be wearing clothes, but it got too time consuming drawing clothes on them.  And a side benefit is that I can use that age-old technique of imagining people naked to help reduce my social anxieties.  It’s a win-win.

  • Kristi R.

    I hope the fun girls can make time for an slm during bloggy boot camp.

    • Chloe

      Yes, Kristi, this is a guarantee. We’ve already discussed it and we definitely want this to happen while we’re there.

      • Kristi R. (Bibliowyrm)

        As my 17 yo says “Awesomesauce!”

  • http://www.thefungirls4.com Anne

    I don’t know about you, but when we talk on the phone I’m wearing clothes.

    • Becky

      Would have spewed if I had been drinking! Bla-ha-ha-ha!!!

      • Chloe

        I might starting having to skype with her just to make sure.

    • Jmmom

      Too funny!! 

  • Andrea

    Chloe, I have to say, I am loving your pictures.  They make me smile.     :)

    • Chloe

      Oh thank you, Andrea. They make me smile and distract me from the thing in my life that I’m not allowed to talk about on the internet.

  • http://wildlifeinthewoods.blogspot.com/ Susan in the Boonies

    Yay for friends! Yay for awesome pictures! Honest to gosh, when I was at the Chloe Chronicles, I had no idea that clicking on your box *ahem* was going to transport me through time and space to the Fun Girls. AWESOME RIDE, DUDE!!!

    • Chloe

      Yay for friends is right. If people realized how precious they are they wouldn’t be so quick to unfriend them on Facebook, would they?